Everyone knows the U.S. is a free country. But just how free are we from state-to-state? 

A new study done by the Cato Institute shows all 50 states ranked by just how free they are. According to that study, North Dakota ranks as the 13th freest state in the U.S. The study ranks based on their policies on personal and economic freedoms.

Cato has determined that personal freedoms include freedom to marry, own firearms, pursue education, gamble, drink alcohol, consume marijuana and travel. Economic freedoms include freedom of choice on land use and health insurance, and a lower burden on entering the job market. The cost that each state government puts on those freedoms is then calculated to determine the rankings among all 50 states.

If you're still confused, you're not alone, so we'll just tell you where among those policies that North Dakota ranked the best.

North Dakota finished 1st in Campaign Finance Freedom (the public financing of campaigns and contribution limits), 3rd in Lawsuit Freedom (how plaintiff friendly the civil liability system is), 6th in Regulatory Freedom (the liability system, property rights, health insurance, and the labor market), 6th in Asset Forfeiture, 8th in Economic Freedom, and 8th in Miscellaneous Regulatory Freedom (regulations governing hospitals, auto-insurance, and homeowners' insurance).

The top five free states are New Hampshire, Alaska, Oklahoma, Indiana, and South Dakota. The top five least free states are California, Hawaii, New Jersey, Maryland, and New York.

For all categories considered and exclusive details on how each of those categories are calculated, Freedom In the 50 States has more.