Traditionally, the style of beer any specific state prefers comes down to specific regional differences and this year, North Dakota stayed right in line with that ideology.

It seems the data analysts at Business Broker Network studied Google trends to find just what style of beer every state prefers. Sure enough, North Dakota is a big fan of a Porter style beer. In fact, we're the only state that prefers the Porter.

While there are typical common styles such as Ales, Pale ales, and Lagers, we're a little different in the Peace Garden State.

Overall, 18 total states preferred Pale Ales which dominated the list. The second most preferred were Ales. Other styles on the map include Hefeweizen, Saison, Wheat Beer, Kolsch, and Stout. The only other beer style that belongs to just one state besides Porter was the Stout in Wisconsin.

Our neighbors to the east in Minnesota prefer the Pale Ale while on the west side, Montana likes Wheat Beer. To see the full map of what each state prefers, click here.

It turns out we seem to like our beer a little heavier in the North.

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