Technology -- it's supposed to make life easier, but, boy, can it make it harder.

DVRs are about as commonplace these days as people asking, "Where's the remote control?" It's a 21st-century marvel that lets us record multiple programs so you don't have to miss anything, from the latest episode of This Is Us to any of the myraid fixer-upper HGTV shows to that spaghetti western from 1956 on some cable channel you never knew existed that caught your eye, but that we all know you'll never watch.

All of which brings up an interesting point: how much space have you taken up on your DVR? It's a delicate subject, right? The more people who live in a home, the more your DVR is going to be jammed. Whether it's fan favorites like Modern Family, sports in case you miss the big game or cartoons to keep the little ones entertained, DVRs can balloon like your waist while binge watching Game of Thrones.

And if you find it's gotten too full, you're confronted with the agonizing reality that you may have to delete some of your shows, which is like asking which finger would you be willing to amputate. So, do yourself a favor: finish reading this, turn on your TV and finally watch that finale of Breaking Bad you've never gotten around to seeing. Your family will thank you for it.

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