Yes, that is an expression that is used a ton, when someone is clearly out of their element...

...we hear it all the time. In this case, don't get me wrong, I salute this man's efforts to provide entertainment, some form of comedy, but MUSIC and SINGING should never ever be in his game plan - Minnesota Vikings quarterback actually came on stage and...ummmmm sang, along with a true professional in her field.

Let me set the stage

Last Thursday night at the 12th Annual NFL Honors at Symphony Hall at the Phoenix Convention Center, ears in the audience no doubt were covered in an attempt to muffle or MUTE one such performance from a Minnesota Vikings quarterback. As kelly Clarkson was holding court, Kirk Cousins ( wearing about two tons of bling ) interrupted her by bouncing on stage to announce ( or forewarn ) to all of us that "...On behalf of all the quarterbacks in our league..." AND then the carnage began. Kirk Cousins sang his tribute to Tom Brady ( sorry Tom, and all of the other QB's that Kirk had just thrown under the bus )

Of course, being the TRUE entertainer that she is, Kelly somehow salvaged the train wreck that just took place

Kelly somehow managed to continue and according to "Clarkson then came up with her own lyrics of the song ( "Since You've Been Gone" )

"Cuz now that he's gone. Teams have hope for the first time. Brady's moving on, yeah yeah. For the goat, that's a wrap. Now he just posts thirst traps. Now that he's gone," she sang.

In case you missed it, WARNING: Watch at your own discretion:

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 Don't shoot the messenger - I warned you remember?

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