I Blame The University Of Minnesota Golden Gophers!  Growing up a University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux Fan and a HUGE UND Hockey fan, I like to blame the Gophers for a lot of things.  I don't like them, so I figure that I might as well dump this on them as well. (By the way, even though I detest the rodents hockey team, I don't consider them UND's biggest rival in the sport.  That honor is bestowed upon the universally hated, University of Michigan and the most arrogant fans in  college hockey, but that's a discussion for a different time).  What I'm getting to is that the Big 10 Conference is threatening to end the FBS college football (as well as all other Fall sports) season.

We all know by now that the FCS Fall seasons are done.  No UND or NDSU Football!  On today's "SPORTS DISH" I told you,

"With the Missouri Valley Conference ending Fall football, the FCS season ended. On Saturday, the Mid-American Conference presidents voted to postpone the fall sports season, including football, putting in motion a domino effect which could end the FBS season. Commissioners of the Power 5 conferences held an emergency meeting on Sunday. Sources have indicated that Big Ten presidents are ready to pull the plug on its fall sports season, and they wanted to gauge if the other Power 5 conferences -- the ACC, Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC -- will join them."

Essentially, The Big Ten doesn't want to play and they are trying to avoid the blame for ending FBS College Football this season by trying to get the other Power 5 conferences to come on board.  Sources told ESPN that a vast majority of Big Ten presidents have indicated that they would vote to postpone football season, hopefully to the spring.  The question is, what does moving Fall sports to the Spring do to other sports like Basketball and Hockey?

Here's the issue, the players want to play!  And can you think of anywhere safer than in their football program on campus?  As of Sunday, the players have began to unite under the #WeWantToPlay movement and I can't blame them.  As I often say, follow the money and I think that many of the decisions being made at the moment come down to the financials (college football is big business), totally disregarding what is being taken from student athletes.

In any case, I Blame The University Of Minnesota Golden Gophers and maybe the University of Michigan because I like to do that and it's fun.  I just hope that the kids can play and decisions aren't being made over the money...under the guise of player safety...with no consideration of what's being taken from the student athletes.


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