A unique Fargo business is making its way to Bismarck. Look out for "Grateful Cratefulls."


You may have never heard of this business, but it was originally founded in Fargo, North Dakota, and sounds pretty unique.

The new storefront will be located at 200 East Main Ave. in Bismarck, part of the historic downtown.

The Concept

Grateful Cratefulls' website says they help create gift baskets for people. If you're a terrible gift-giver like me, you are probably pretty excited to hear something like this exists.

Here's a little explainer on what to expect from this new store. You can pick a pre-made gift basket for your friends and/or family members, OR you can create your own.

I tried creating my own just to get a feel for the process, and it was pretty simple.

The website allows you to choose from a wide variety of cards, candles, throw blankets, socks, health and beauty items, and even snacks to make your crate special and tailored to the person receiving the gift.

How cool?! What a great way to brighten someone's day and make your gift-shopping life a whole lot easier.

Opening Date

It does look like they have some renovations to do to the property before they open, but it will be opening sooner rather than later.

According to the businesses' Facebook post, the store will be up and running sometime next month (April).

Stay tuned for more updates and remember in the meantime: gift cards are great gifts; whoever said they were is, as Elle Woods would say, "Seriously disturbed."



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