I get it, sometimes our trash cans just don't cut it, and it can be a hassle taking things all the way out to the landfill/recycling center.


You may have, instead, slipped a few bags into a nearby dumpster. That, or you, at the very least, may have been tempted.

Something To Think About

While it might be more convenient for you to drop a couple of things off in a nearby dumpster, the owners of that dumpster find that rude and inconsiderate.

When you dump your trash in there, it gives them less room to use it; this is especially 'uncool' because, well, they're the ones paying for the dumpster/waste management services.


Not only does it give the owners of said dumpster less room, according to nextdaydumpsters.com, if it adds extra weight, but it could also put them over the weight limit, which could result in additional fees to the renter.

You often see local restaurants with gates and locks on their dumpsters; this is to keep people from filling up their dumpsters. That and helps keep animals out.

Is It Illegal?

There are municipal codes in many/most North Dakota cities that state dumping your trash in someone else's dumpster is illegal.

Chapter 14 of Minot's Municipal code states "It is unlawful for a person to dispose of waste into dumpsters at locations not located on property they own, lease, or rent.

According to the Grand Forks Herald, in East Grand Forks, it is illegal to put trash into someone else's dumpster or trash can. If a person is caught doing this, they could get fined up to $700, according to the source. 

For the most part, there are laws and city codes that prohibit the act of using other people's trash cans and dumpsters. To be safe and considerate,  I wouldn't do it. It's certainly not worth getting fined $500-$700.

If you need additional trash services, contact your local waste management companies.


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