While we all look forward to summer during the cold weather months, there is one thing that comes with the season that we really don't love.

Road Construction

There has been a ton of road construction all across North Dakota this year, and yes, it has been nothing short of frustrating. That said, I have a lot of respect for the crews working around dangerous intersections, outside in the heat and rain.

There was a time earlier this summer where I could hardly find a way to get to my house; every street seemed to have road closed signs up. I did what most people would do after driving all over trying to find an open road and just went for it.

I drove around one of the signs and thought to myself "This has to be illegal," but I really wasn't sure.

I did a little digging to see what the law says about this. Here's what I found.

Driving Through/Around 'Road Closed' Signs

According to the North Dakota Department of Transportation, you are not allowed to drive past a road closure. The road may be impassable, or blocked. There might even have life-threatening conditions on the closed roads.

The source says motorist who ignore road closures may be fined up to $250.

An Exception

I'm not really sure I would consider this an exception, but let's call it that. There is a circumstance where you may drive on a closed road. If the sign says "Road Closed to Thru Traffic," you may drive on the road if you live or work on that street.

Next time you run into a "Road Closed" sign, read it carefully, and if needed, look for alternate routes.


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