I'm sure this isn't a question you find yourself asking all too frequently, or possibly at all, but what is the rule on eating horse meat in North Dakota?

You might find this surprising: there are a lot of states that allow you to legally consume horse. I know what you're thinking; "Why would anyone want to eat a beautiful horse?!"

Unfortunately, I can't answer the "Why." I'm not sure why anyone would want to do this, but here's what I found on it being legal.

Get ready to gasp.


A Demand For Horse Meat

According to World Population Review, consuming horse meat wasn't all too uncommon in the past. That said, the demand for horse meat did dwindle in the United States and eventually led to the closing of many slaughterhouses.


After much work from animal rights activists, the USDA banned the sale of horse meat and no longer allowed the import of horse meat from other countries. This push from animal rights activists also caused the final horse slaughterhouses to close in 2007.

The last two slaughterhouses were located in Texas and Illinois.

FACT: Both Mexico and Canada still continue to sell horse meat, according to the source.

Can You Legally Eat It?

Just because you can't sell horse meat in the United States doesn't mean you're not allowed to eat it.

In many states, there are no laws prohibiting you from killing your own horse and eating it. This, according to World Population Review.

As of March 2023, Delaware, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts have laws making it illegal to consume horse meat.

All other states have no law on the matter.

So, is it illegal to eat horse in North Dakota? While it's true you can not sell horse meat, you can legally eat it without being subject to legal punishment.

Keep in mind, several states such as California, New York and New Jersey have laws against the slaughtering of horses. This, according to HorseRacingSense.com.

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