What do you think? Could this happen? I mean did you ever think it was going to be a reality when we received stimulus checks in the past?

Man, I sure didn't. When so many people were trying to survive financially after COVID kicked in, it made perfect sense to me. Jobs were lost, businesses closed their doors for good, it was a scary time, and as we progressed through and slowly regained our lives, now there is a new grip that has hit us.

Heads shaking, frustrations mounting, gas prices soaring

Remember when we were paying less than three dollars a gallon for gas? When we literally didn't have to consider taking a loan just to fill up our tanks? One blink of an eye and we are quicky approaching the four dollar mark, and no end in sight how much higher it could go. There is a possibility of some relief, not at the pumps though.

Already being presented in California, Connecticut, and Illinois

Lawmakers are proposing a bill that aid those in the attempt to ease the pain of the horrors of gas inflation. According to cbsnews.com "..some lawmakers want the federal government to offer stimulus payments or rebate checks to help reduce the pain at the pump" These payments would be similiar to the stimulus checks, and if you qualify, some help could come your way. "American consumers could see increased costs of $2,000 this year due to the recent surge in gas prices..."

Let's hope we can get this going out here in North Dakota

Only time will tell on this....


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