People from other states like to poke fun at North Dakotans and paint a picture of us that isn't true when it comes to education. If you ask me, I think North Dakotans are pretty intelligent, but how do we compare to other states?

Wallet Hub released its "Most and Least Educated States in America" list and updated it with statistics from 2023.

The study looked at different metrics like quality of school systems and universities, achievement gaps between genders and races, graduation rates and level of education.

North Dakota Ranked

So what did it find for North Dakota?

In the grand scheme of things, North Dakota didn’t do too bad when put up against other states. Our state ranked at number 23 on the most educated states list.

Take a look at this infographics the source put together below.

Source: WalletHub

North Dakota's total score is 52.11 and our quality of education is ranked at 26.

Most & Least Educated States Overall

So which state is the most educated state in the country? That title goes to none other than Massachusetts with a total score of, 83.03. It’s then followed by Maryland, Connecticut, Vermont, and Colorado.

Since we’re naming the most educated states, we have to take a look at the least educated states according to the source.

Coming in and last place, as the least educated state, is West Virginia with a score of 22.40. Mississippi came in at 49, Louisiana at 48, Arkansas at 47, and Alabama at 46. It looks like some of our southern states have a little bit of work to do.

What do you think about this?

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