According to The Bismarck Tribune, The Bismarck Depot has a new owner, and the building is soon to get a new look -- renovations are coming.

A train station, restaurant, and even a brewery, the depot has had many changes over the years; what's in store for it next?

What's In "Store"?

According to the earlier source, the new owner, Cam Knutson, plans to turn it into a retail business and possibly a restaurant to move into the space.

For about 3 years, the building has been vacant. Though the parking lot is still utilized by those who frequent downtown shops and bars.

The Response

This news first came to light in a public Facebook post, and people were quick to voice their opinions. Many people expressed they wished the restaurant that was once there, "Fiesta Villa" would return. Others are simply excited to hear that the plan is to keep the integrity and history of the building in tact. There were even a few comments where people suggested turning it back into a train station or turning it into a museum.

What would you like to see in this space? What businesses and restaurants are needed in our downtown area?


The History Of The Depot

I love a good history lesson. I looked it up, and according to, the Depot was built back in 1901 for $33,601 dollars. At one time the Depot had 24 passenger trains stopping through daily.

As time went on and we got into the 1950's railway traffic hit an all-time low. Cars were the primary mode of transportation. Eventually, the train station ceased operations in 1979.

The property got new life when it was reutilized as a Mexican restaurant (as earlier mentioned), which makes sense because the building has a Spanish-style look.

After that it was then turned into a brewery.

Now, it lives again! We don't have an exact timeline as to when it will reopen and get its new tenants, but we'll keep you updated when we get word.

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