As most of you know (since I talked about it in my Monday Morning Confessional) I totally spaced Easter this year. Yesterday, the guilt got to me and we finally did something for the babies.

I do all of the grocery shopping in our house, and I like to go early in the morning. So when I was at the store this morning, I decided to see if they had any Easter candy still around. (Bonus for waiting this long, it's all super cheap!) Since they still did, I picked up some eggs and a few other bigger pieces.

After work, I headed home and asked the wife to take the babies to go get the mail so the Easter Bunny could hide some eggs around the house.

When they got back, they got to finding!

Joey Dee

Elijah only had one question though. "Dad... what took the Easter Bunny so long?"

"Well... I forgot to tell him we moved, so he had to hop out here from Seattle."

"Oh... Ok. I guess that makes sense"