In the upcoming general election, Jamestown residents will vote on whether or not the city should shorten the nine-day period during which fireworks are allowed to be purchased, sold and fired off, to five days.

Spearheaded by Jamestown's Danielle Schmidt, the proposed measure comes in the wake of numerous complaints to the city that nine days is excessive. Schmidt set out to find a happy medium between the current rules and outlawing fireworks altogether.

Not surprisingly, fireworks retailers are not too keen on the idea and are campaigning against it. Spokesman Braun Knutson remarks that it seems ridiculous that residents' freedom to own and shoot off fireworks might become more heavily restricted on a day specifically designed to honor freedom.

Currently, the city of Bismarck has similar regulations that Jamestown does: fireworks are legal to be purchased, sold and used -- outside city limits -- between June 27 and July 5.