Jared Leto is apparently out to prove that Matthew McConaughey isn’t the only actor who can eat nothing and get dangerously thin for a role in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ -- because the once hot singer/actor has been out and about showing off his decidedly unsexy, emaciated body.

Photos shot and shared by photographer Terry Richardson show Leto sporting a rail-thin frame and an obvious lack of eyebrows, which he also shaved off for the role.

He's set portray a transsexual for the film loosely based on the life of Ron Woodruff, an '80s-era AIDS patient. The movie is currently in production and stars an equally frightening-looking McConaughey.

Leto says he hasn't eaten in a month – which sounds impossible to us – but seems strangely cool with the whole fasting thing, adding, “Historically, people have done it for pursuit of self, to achieve a meditative state, so I’m hoping for that. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

But unlike the rest of us when we go on crazy diets, Leto isn’t concerned about actual weight loss: “It’s not about the most weight I can lose, it’s more to represent the character."

And to scare people on Twitter by lifting up his shirt, obviously.

Oh, Jared. Bit by bit, you're ruining that dreamy 'My So-Called Life' crush we all once had on you. Angela Chase would not be impressed.

Regardless, you can see all kinds of strange pics of Leto on Richardson’s website. And while we shouldn’t have to remind you, we will anyway: Definitely don’t try this at home.

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@Terry_World, Twitter
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