Joe Jackson - father of Janet, LaToya, the late Michael, the rest of the Jackson 5 and who knows who else - suffered a "mini-stroke" on Nov. 29 and is undergoing treatment at a Las Vegas hospital.

“He was doing well and says he's feeling okay,” close family friend and one-time Jackson attorney Brian Oxman told Reuters when asked how Joe is feeling. He added that the ordeal began when Joe felt weak while walking around a park and was taken to a hospital.

According to Oxman, Jackson is currently "talking fine. He sounded excellent to me."

It should be noted that Oxman is not a doctor and has absolutely no medical training, but at least he knows what conscious people look like. He did reveal that Joe has a history of strokes, which we're guessing might've been brought on by the stress of being a terrible and exploitative father.

Regardless, a loving tweet from LaToya revealed that her dad is convalescing nicely.