After almost two years of living solo I have entered the strange land called roomate land. My choice to save money and my unreadiness to make a house buying committment has led me into this zone. I have no idea what "officially" makes a good roomate. However I can tell you the things that are important to me in determining who you can share your space with.

1) Responsibility-easy you pay your bills on time and are stabely employed.

2) Clean- no brainer, you clean up after yourself, sanitize, mop,dust, vacuum, take ownership of keeping your space beautiful.

3) Easy- meaning easy to get along with, not judgemental, not fanatical, no need to occupy my mental space because you have a life of your own.

4) Fun- social, like people, like entertaining, like wine on the shelves and cold beer in the fridge.

5) Can Chill- respects quiet, studying, working on projects.

6) Independence- does not need me for companionship, advice or to cure loneliness.

7) Dog Loving- my dog is my 3rd arm.

8) Food- what's yours is yours and you don't eat my food. I will gladly share but if my carrots, fruit or lunch goes missing there could be a problem.

8) Someone you actually like - anything else feels highly uncomfortable.Home is the place where you escape and find your peace of mind.

So that is my short list, I want to know yours? Have a great roomate or a roomate horror story? Bring it on!