Last night on "Last Week Tonight," comedian John Oliver had the most on-point analysis of FIFA and their approach to the World Cup I've ever heard.

At the 2:23 mark, he addresses the fact that Brazil has built Multi-Million Dollar stadiums that have absolutely no use after the 4 matches they will host for the World Cup.

Continuing with the revealing truth behind the organization, at the 7:28 mark, he talks about how FIFA is considered a Non-Profit... but has literally a Billion Dollars in the bank.

And possibly the most appalling facts, at the 10:22 mark, he talks about the literal slave labor situation in Qatar, the host of the 2022 World Cup, and the corruption allegations behind the awarding of the bid to the Middle Eastern country.

THANK YOU JOHN OLIVER for taking on one of the most corrupt organizations in the world and bringing light to how the world has bought in to Soccer as if it was a religion.