Justin Bieber's new film 'Believe' failed to find a HUGE audience at the box office on Christmas Day. Comparatively, the film performed poorly, raking in just $1.25 million on Dec. 25 amid a busy box office season that saw 'The Hobbit' continuing to dominate theaters and Leonardo DiCaprio's buzzed about 'The Wolf of Wall Street' finally releasing.

But hold the phone before we start calling this a total bomb. Let's look at the numbers objectively.

The film, which opened in 1,000 theaters, paled in comparison to Feb. 2011's 'Never Say Never.' That Biebs' film collected $12.4 million in box office receipts on its opening day in 3,000 theaters, according to RadarOnline's report.

Considering those stats, 'Believe' isn't a major bomb since it opened in several thousand fewer locations and during an insanely busy time. We wouldn't take the film's first few days of performance as a barometer of waning Belieber interest in their hero.

Christmas is a tough time to release a film, especially one that is a music doc. Also, these types of docs don't always attract fans to the multiplex nor do they translate to lots of tickets sold. Katy Perry learned that with 'Part of Me.'

We expect 'Believe' to do much better when it releases as a DVD.

The film also has the weekend to get its legs, and The Bieber camp is promoting it heartily and we don't think it can be considered a total bomb. It's only been out a few days and it's not meant to be a blockbuster. PopCrush is going to see it this weekend!

Below is Scooter Braun's photo hyping the film.

Despite the film not exploding at the multiplex, The Biebs still serenaded fans with snippets of him singing. He sings a cappella. We see his shoes and blinds.

Here's a bit of 'Swap It Out.'

She's got his attention.

Oh, check it! It's 'U Smile.'