Music is what gets us back and forth to work, what keeps us company while cooking in the kitchen; music is what fills the quiet in our day to day lives. Music fills us with happiness, excitement, hype, and sometimes even sadness.

We all have our favorite artists, but have you ever wondered which artists are the most popular? -- Sure, it's no mystery which one are the most popular globally; we hear bout them all the time, but what about the ones in the state of North Dakota?

Most Popular Artists In North Dakota

A survey was done by; it found the most popular artists in our state by looking at Google trends and search data.

You might be surprised at which artists made the list. With that, let's get into it, starting at number ten.

North Dakota's Top 10 Music Artists

See who made the cut!

Gallery Credit: Andi Ahne

Dissecting The Top Ten

I'm sure it's no surprise that Taylor Swift ranked as the number one artists in North Dakota. According to the source, she took the number one spot in 16 states.

States often had artists that were born in their states rank in the top ten. For example, Lizzo is from Detroit, so she ranked in the top ten for Michigan.

Jack Harlow also came in the top ten for Kentucky, and it's no coincidence that he is from Louisville.

Looking at the list, are you surprised? Most of the most popular artists in our state are also the top artists in the country. Not only that, most of the artists are Top 40, pop artists. Would you have expected to see more country artists?

Is there any artist you feel should have made the list? Who is your favorite artist?


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