Fargo definitely had 'Bieber Fever' this weekend. Justin Bieber explored the Fargo area and put on one amazing concert.

Whether you're a Belieber or not, it's pretty cool that Justin Bieber was hanging out at some local establishments over the weekend. Word got around pretty quickly that The Biebs was doing a little wakeboarding in Detroit Lakes.

Fans later spotted the Canadian star outside of the Empire Bar on Broadway in downtown Fargo which wasn't too far from his hotel room at the Radisson.

So what did Justin Bieber do to prepare for his big show at the FargoDome on Saturday (6/18) night? He got in a good workout and played some basketball at the local Courts Plus.

The concert began at 7:30 pm with openers Moxie Raia and Post Malone. Bieber made his grand entrance in a glass box while singing 'I'll Show You' from his newest album.

He kept the young girls and women screaming throughout the entire show by playing hits from all of his albums, including 'Baby,' 'Purpose,' and 'Love Yourself.'

It's safe to say his North Dakota Beliebers would love to have Justin back very soon!