Justin Bieber has been moaning about the haters a lot lately. In his recent chit chat with Ryan Seacrest, he lamented his nebulous, in between status as both a boy and a man, since he is in a transitional phase. Now, he has offered a two-finger salute of a different sort for the haters in photo form.

The Biebs shared a photo of himself flipping the bird and giving the finger, with both hands, on Instagram. The message has been received. Keep hatin'. The Biebs will keep counting his cash. He captioned the shot: "4 the haters."

It's not that big of a deal for The Biebs to flash the bird. He is a teen growing up in the pubic eye. Teens give the finger. End of story.

But former teen sensation, the incomparable Donny Osmond, has weighed in on The Biebs' behavior and his actions, since he's been there, done that and bought the t-shirt.

Osmond spoke about how he wound up hating the songs that made him an object of desire for teens, since it locked him in a moment in time.

"Justin Bieber is feeling the pains of this right now," Osmond said. "Everyone thinks he's still the kid who sang 'Baby.' But he's an adult, and he's rebelling to show people he's an adult."

That’s exactly what The Biebs alluded to in his chat with The Crest. Sounds like Donny O. is on to something.

Osmond shelled out a little more wisdom and advice for Biebs, saying, "You can't change history. When you hit it so big at such a young age, time freezes in people's minds. You just have to live with the consequences until enough time goes by - 20 or 30 years, in my case. You get to a time when you end up embracing it."

Ya hear that, Biebs? Take it or leave it, but Donny Osmond has been in your sitch so he knows the trappings and pratfalls of teen idoldom.