It finally happened: Naked photos of Justin Bieber have hit the Internet. What sort of salacious things do the nude pictures of Bieber entail? Is the infamous Jerry in full view?

Turns out, the shots are more silly than sexy.

TMZ nabbed the photos, which feature a buck naked Bieber covering his privates with nothing but a guitar.

They were taken at Bieber's grandma's house on Canadian Thanksgiving in October 2012 after the 'Believe' singer slept a little bit too late for the festivities. Biebs woke up after he heard his family and guests milling around the house and decided, as he's wont to do, to prank them in a big way.

Bieber supposedly strolled around the house in his birthday suit singing an impromptu, improvised song, crooning, "I love you Grandma / Hello Grandma / How are you, Grandma?"

Biebs' grandma thought it was hilarious, but nonetheless begged him to get dressed and get the guitar away from her -- and away from his junk -- until he had some pants on.