If you were feeling left in the cold after Justin Bieber's sudden announcement that he is cancelling the remaining 14 dates of his 'Purpose' tour, don't worry — he's got an explanation. In a video taken by TMZ, he apologized to any upset fans, saying that he simply needs a break from extended time on the road.

"Everything's fine. I've been on tour for two years. Yeah, just resting, getting some relaxation. Gonna ride some bikes."

Between refunded tickets and that in-depth reasoning, fans will surely feel comforted in knowing that they are not getting the short end of the deal. Bieber even went so far as to offer condolences to fans, saying, "I love you guys. You guys are awesome. And I'm sorry for anybody who feels disappointed or like, betrayed. It's not in my heart or anything."

With his characteristically unaffected grin, he flashed finger guns as he closed with "Have a blessed day." You too, Justin! Bless your tired little heart. We hope those bikes are as rejuvenating as they sound, eh? His fans on Twitter certainly seem reassured.

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