Mo' money, mo' problems. Justin Bieber and his mentor Usher have been slapped with a $10 million lawsuit over the song 'Somebody to Love.' Two songwriters claim that the song was jacked.

The Wrap reports that the suit was filed in Virginia on May 2. Devin Copeland, an R&B singer who goes by the stage name De Rico, and songwriter Mareio Overton claim authorship of 'Somebody to Love.' They say they wrote the track in 2008 and that De Rico released the song on his album 'My Story II' that same year. Wow, De Rico and The Biebs have parallels, like 'My World 2.0.'

How did The Biebs and Usher get their mitts on it? Well, a talent scouting company reportedly got De Rico's album to Usher's ears. The duo even says it spoke to Jonetta Patton, who is Usher's mother and sometime manager, making her a "momager." They say she told them Usher Raymond listened the album and wanted to bring De Rico on tour.

Usher then demoed the track and posted it on YouTube but didn't pursue recording it. It eventually ended up on 'My World 2.0' as a Bieber track. Usher appeared on a remix.

The suit points out similarities in the songs, like time signatures, chords and hooks, as well as in construction. They also claim a strategically placed pause at the beginning of the chorus is a tell-tale sign that Usher jacked the track.

The pair wants $10 million for what they feel is a theft.

Watch the Justin Bieber 'Somebody to Love' Video Feat. Usher