Valley News Live (Fargo) is reporting that Kanye West has qualified to appear on the presidential ballot in Minnesota. Do you realize what this means? It means that at least 2,000 people signed for this to happen. The news station also says that we do not yet know the total amount of official signatures. Get the story from Valley News Live here.

I am not sure how closely you have been following this, but believe it or not, Minnesota is not the first state where Kanye West qualified to be on the ballot. Check out the list of states where his name made the ballot, and how many electoral votes those states get:

  • Arkansas - 6 votes
  • Colorado - 9 votes
  • Idaho - 4 votes
  • Louisiana - 8 votes
  • Minnesota - 10 votes
  • Oklahoma - 7 votes
  • Tennessee - 11 votes
  • Utah - 6 votes
  • Vermont - 3 votes

There are some states where he tried and failed to get on the ballot - those states are Wisconsin, Wyoming, West Virginia, New Jersey, and Ohio. Get more information on the number of electoral votes each state gets here.

Of course, people are wondering if there is a dark motive behind Kanye's attempt to run for President. Is his run only meant to harm one candidate and help the other? That's what Forbes is indicating - read about that here.

The Forbes interview says that Yeezus has never once voted. It makes me question if he actually has any clue about the world outside of his own. I hope that Americans vote wisely for our President.

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