Another day, another cover for Katy Perry. The singer covers the December issue of Glamour U.K., with a feather in her cap, er, hair. The singer also flashed her dazzling smile and discussed her divorce from Russell Brand in the accompanying feature.

Perry said that she could only be friends with ex-hubby Russell Brand, a Brit, in another lifetime. Clearly, they don't exchange friendly, "How ya doin'?" texts.

That train of thought happened when Perry admitted she has been friends with exes in the past, saying, "It always depends on the situation… what’s appropriate really." That's when the 'Unconditionally' singer was asked if she could be pals with another ex, and she made the "another life" comment.

Brand is her most famous ex, so who else would she be referring to?

About her marriage to the actor, she said, "It was right at the time and things happen." It sounds like she is not bitter and has no regrets.

She also placed herself in context with her peers, and why she is able to stand out, saying, "I'm OK with being vulnerable to a point. I think a lot of what separates me from my peers is the 'wear my heart on my sleeve-type' lyrics and the relatability that comes along with that."

Perry is spot on with that self-assessment.