One not-so-lucky kitten's luck turned recently after the animal had spent days trapped inside a Fargo dumpster, covered in concrete and paint.

Construction worker Kelly Goranson was at work one day nearby when he heard meowing. Goranson explains:

That's when I asked my boss, 'Do you hear a cat or something?' And he says 'Yeah, we found one in the dumpster,' so they are the ones that found it, not me. They just put it in a box and gave it some food but it wouldn't eat, it could hardly move. And so, after I looked at it a couple times I thought, well, it's not going to do any good just sitting there, it needs some help. So, I decided to take some time off of work and find it a home.

The kitten was seen by a veterinarian, who was able to remove most of the concrete/paint concoction; on the downside, her tail is in pretty bad shape, and she has a case of ear mites -- which is relatively easy to treat -- but she should recover in time.

From the vet, she went to an animal shelter, which named her Kelly, after her rescuer.

It is unclear whether the kitten was deposited in the dumpster by a person or another animal, or if she found her own way in there somehow.