A kitten crawled up under the hood of a truck in North Dakota and survived what was said to be a 10-hour trip east to Rochester, MN.

The truck was owned by Mike Dukart and his wife, Marilyn, who had no idea they had an unexpected hop-on that would join them before heading back home from their visit to the Peace Garden State.

The small kitten had been clinging for life to a small open space under the hood of the vehicle. The couple discovered the cat upon returning when they heard it meowing once the vehicle was in their garage in Rochester. Mike and Marylin aptly named the 10-month old kitten, Dakota.

Marilyn had returned from her aunt's in North Dakota. While there, several kittens were playing near or on the truck. Dakota wasn't heard before leaving, or during any of the stops made on the way back to Rochester.

After being discovered, Dakota seemed a bit traumatized by the ordeal, but is now playing, eating, and seems pretty happy to be where he is, judging from the above video.

Dakota has since been adopted by a law enforcement officer from the Twin Cities. His new family has children, as well as other cats to play with.

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