Someone has returned to Twitter after going dark. Yep, Lady Gaga may have dropped two pegs, demoted to the third most followed person on Twitter, but she's back to using the Twitterverse to advance the 'ARTPOP' agenda.

Ma Monster revealed that the video for 'Applause' will drop on Aug. 19, the same day it will be available for purchase. Take that, Katy Perry, who will return with 'ROAR,' which is landing on Aug. 13. It's time to sharpen those almond-shaped nails and battle for pop music dominance, since it was Perry who passed Gaga on Twitter and it is Perry who is going up against Gaga in the fall as they release music within weeks of each other.

You know, we bet Gaga is probably like "Most followed female on Twitter? Been there, done that," and has moved on to other social media and interactive things, like the 'ARTPOP' app. She answered little monster-generated questions about the app on Twitter, revealing it's cost (free!) and how to get it and use it (via the app store).

She likened it to an interactive jewel case for the record.

Her tweets about all this IMPORTANT stuff regarding the 'Applause' launch and the app are below.

You know, we're scratching our heads over whatever happened to 'Cake Like Lady Gaga.' Remember all that fuss?