One of the most beautiful places in North Dakota will be hosting a one day country music festival this summer.  Lake Metigoshe will be the home of the LANDOLIVE Country Music Festival on

A country music festival is coming to Lake Metigoshe for the first time this summer.  LANDOLIVE Country Music Festival is a one-day event, on Saturday, July 10th.  The event will have two stages and so far, one headliner has been announced.  Country up and comer Jordan Davis is set to perform.  Jordan Davis has had a string of hits as heard on US 103-3, including "Almost Maybes", "Slow Dance In A Parking Lot" and "Singles You Up."  Jordan Davis is the only artist that's been announced so far.

If you would like to buy tickets for LANDOLIVE Country Music Festival, you can do so HERE.  Tickets start at $25 dollars and go as high as $39.  There will be no camping at this years event, but it may be added in the future according to reports.

According to their website, "the main goal of LANDOLIVE is to bring a one-day festival-like experience full of great food, vendors, entertainment, and most important of all, LIVE music to Lake Metigoshe."  The Turtle Mountains has a rich history with live music. The festival will feature one national headlining artist in addition to many local artists. Get ready because LANDOLIVE is ready to bring an experience unlike anything in the region!  LANDOLIVE is billing itself as "The Can't Miss Concert of the Summer!"


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