I know that I am one of a very few soccer fans in town... but every 4 years, sports fans everywhere come together behind their nations flag to cheer on their team to victory.

It's no different with the US Men's National Team when the World Cup comes into play. People that swore to me they didn't like soccer stood next to me in the bar and yelled just as loud as I did.

Which sport doesn't really matter when National pride is on the line.

This years team has the potential to be the strongest we've fielded... ever. On the backs of superstars like Clint Dempsey, Tim Howard, Michael Bradley, and Jozy Altidore, the US looks to take on what is being called the "Group of Death" to open this years tournament. To make it out of the Group Stage of the tournament, The US (Ranked #13 in the world) has to best perennial powerhouses in Germany (#2) and Portugal (#4) as well as the team that knocked us out of the 2010 tournament Ghana.

For me, I look forward to the World Cup. For 30 days every 4 years, the world comes together. For 30 days we set aside our differences and come together over the worlds most watched  sport. For 30 days every 4 years, we stop thinking about what divides us all and focus on what brings us all closer together.

Now if we could only carry that same spirit the other 1,300 days inbetween