Yesterday, June 9th, Mandan residents approved a new 3/4 percent sales tax increase to pay for a $22 Million sports complex.

The new complex will include a 2 rink hockey arena, gymnastics facility, new football and track field, and the conversion of the current Faris football and track field into baseball and softball fields.

The sales tax, which was approved by 56% of voters, will automatically be eliminated when the entire debt is paid. That is expected to take 16 years from implementation.

The timeline for the new Sports Complex project has been laid out by the Mandan Parks District as follows

  • July 2015 - Final location for the project is announced
  • October 2015 - The increase in Sales Tax Begins
  • April 2016 - Construction begins
  • August 2017 - Completion of Mandan Sports Complex

Naming rights and sponsorship opportunities are still available for the new complex.

More information about the new complex can be found on the Mandan Parks District website