This could be a bit extreme, fact is, if you take something without paying for it, you stole the item, even if it's a cup of soda. That's the case for this 18 year old.

Here's the (Mc)deal, Cody Morris and his buds hit the drive through window at their local McD's in Springdale, AR. Cody and his two pals placed an order and asked for 3 cups of water. These geniuses parked in the McD's parking lot under the glow of the McDonalds golden arches. Then, dumped the water out and walked into the restaurant and filled their water cups with soda.

The manager saw this, approached the three and told them to return the soda, and in reality, they stole each a cup of soda. Two of the guys returned the soda , but not Mr. Morris!

Washington County Sheriff's Office

Then the super-McManager went as far as to run out and tried to block their car from leaving the parking lot, but the soda thieves rolled away with a cup of  stolen soda in hand.

Police found the trio at a local bowling alley and Mr. Morris was arrested for robbery and other charges could be filed against the driver.