Ever caught yourself being mean to another girl? It could be an eye of judgement,jealousy, insecurity where another woman's looks,personality,style,relationships,work,attitude bother you. Have you ever wondered why you might not get along with other women? Is it hard to forgive and forget when women have hurt you? If you have answered yes to any of the above its time to figure out where that mean comes from.

1) Someone along the way made you question your own value.

2) Society,TV, peer pressure makes you think it's ok to tear other people down.

3) Self-centered behavior/thoughts -meaning only you get to be the decider of who and what is acceptable in your social circle.

4)Judging others makes you feel better about yourself.

5)Getting a guy trumps how you treat other women.

I am not trained to tackle all the thoughts you may have about how you connect or don't connect with women. However if it is a real life problem effecting girls and women in homes,schools, jobs, dance teams,sports teams, church organizations, sororities and the list goes on. Anytime one woman finds joy in bringing another down or hurting her soul or reputation we all suffer in that one hurt.

It is personally important to me to stand in support of other women, however I have had my own insecure, judgmental,mean, condescending hurtful moments and opinions. Its a daily constant challenge to be better, when much of my  entertainment world is based upon how someone looks, who has gained weight, who has slept with who. I have challenged myself to stand side by side with every woman that has crossed my path no matter her story, even if she does not like me or rejects me, I know a woman's value. A resource I have personally used is the book "Mean Girls: Taming Your Beauty Turned Beast" by Hayley Dimarco.It feels like a book that I had to share. I want the women in my life to win, to trust each other, to believe in each other.

Its at the core of who I am and I know I still have a long way to go myself. After reading the book I said sorry to those I rejected and I am still learning how to let people in, to not judge, to not compete. I believe its well worth the challenge to be a woman who is a sister and not an enemy or fri-enemy.

With love,


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