And we thought those half-sweatpants, half-jeans were atrocious! Miley Cyrus stepped out in an equally confounding ensemble in London today (Sept. 11), wearing a black pantsuit that would have been supremely cute and stylish...if the pant legs were the same width.

Before we dissect the outfit, stick around after the pics to see the 21-second promo spot for 'Miley: The Movement,' her upcoming MTV doc, airing on Oct. 2. The doc takes Smilers in the studio, on the road and to performances, with lots of ups and downs. Miley wants fans to accompany her and be a part of 'The Movement,' and promises that "it's completely insane."

Like her outfit...

One leg was flared. The other was skinny, like a legging. If both were wide or both were skintight, this outfit would have been a winner!

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Up close, the pants are just as ridic. Was this a 'Project Runway' challenge that went unfinished? Also, her toes look funky. Just sayin'.

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Why hide the heels? This body con outfit would be SO sexy if it wasn't so bipolar. It needs to decide if it wants to be voluminous or body con.

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Everything ELSE works, from the Chanel belt and bag to the jewelry to the massive sunnies to the heels...

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Oh, Miley...what are we gonna do with you?

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Here's the sweatpant/jeans hybrid that we mentioned earlier... the ones for which we have no words. These are not even so ugly that they are cool. They're just ug!

Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

Watch 'Miley: The Movement' Promo Spot