I know most of us are trying to quickly move on with life after last year, and the disaster of COVID-19. We are not done dealing with the pandemic by any means, progress has been made. I mean, March Madness was canceled last year, destroying College Basketball's Spotlight. Then for a while, it looked like Major League Baseball was never going to get off the ground as the players association kept rejecting proposals from MLB - but the first pitch finally was delivered on July 23rd, a 60-game schedule was agreed upon by all. The sporting world as a whole was just so surreal with no fans in the stadiums and arenas. Somehow, someway we continued on.

Now that we are into 2021, there is a tiny glimpse of light at the haunting endless tunnel - fans are slowly starting to be allowed back in, and the Milwaukee Brewers are offering to come to the aid of the Minnesota Twins. According to KVRR, the Brewers were given the green light from local health officials to host games with over 10,000 fans. So how does this all relate to the Twins? Well until Minnesota Governor says it's safe enough to open up Target Field to the public, the Twins are homeless.

Look up in the sky, it's a superhero coming to try and save the day - A Republican state lawmaker plans to introduce a bill that he says would “free the Minnesota Twins to play home games in Wisconsin” until Gov. Tim Walz allows fans to return to Target Field. His name is Pat Garofalo. He thinks it's time to "safely let the fans enjoy outdoor baseball”  and “By Releasing the Twins from any state contractual obligations to play in Minnesota, will give Minnesotans the chance to cross the river and cheer on the team" 

Only time will tell if "Play Ball" will be echoed out shortly at Target Field.


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