Well, I should start out by saying WARNING, "Strong Language" if you decide to click on the video below.  Intended for mature audiences.  Jonas Brodin from the Minnesota Wild was being interviewed after scoring the winning goal in overtime on Sunday night as the Minnesota Wild just beat the Colorado Avalanche 4-3 in St. Paul.

Obviously, Brodin a defenseman who's from Sweden was very excited after his game winning goal.  He was probably running on pure adrenaline.  To be honest, his English is not that good, and if you weren't listening for it, you probably missed it.  You could tell there was no malicious intent by Brodin, and his reaction after dropping the "f-bomb" was priceless.  So again, WARNING, "F-BOMB" if you decide to click the video.  Not intended for children, although they've probably heard worse at school.  Here' it is.


I had a similar situation on the radio, when I was interviewing a girl at a nightclub remote one time.  I asked her if she was having a good time?  She told everybody to get their "A$$ down to the bar and F'n Party!"  Only she didn't say "F'n."  I was in shock, and luckily for me, I realized we had a delay button and had our board operator dump out of the break before the swear word.  Tough to gain your composure after something like that.  I'm sure the Fox Sports North announcer agrees with me.

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