Minnesota's MyPillow company has been dropped by at least two major retailers, including Kohls and Bed Bath and Beyond.  CEO Mike Lindell is the center of controversy after his meeting with President Trump last week in Washington D.C.  Lindell showed off his notes before going into the White House, which included calling President Trump to implement marshal law to keep him in office.

According to an article on AP News, the founder and CEO of MyPillow, who echoed President Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud, said a backlash against his company has begun after the storming the U.S. Capitol this month.

Both companies did confirm they have decided to stop carrying the MyPillow brand, but cited soft sales rather than Lindell's theories or support for Donald Trump.  Other companies like Walmart are being pressured on social media to remove the company from their stores.

The MyPillow logo was apparently all over the website TrumpMarch.com, that promoted the January 6th events in Washington, D.C.

Lindell, created the MyPillow in 2004, and built the business in Chaska, Minnesota, southwest of Minneapolis.  I personally have been using his pillows, sheets and mattress covers for years and absolutely love them.

Along with retail backlash, Lindell is also facing potential litigation from Dominion Voting Systems for his accusations, that their voting machines were a part of election fraud.  Lindell said he conducted his own investigation and welcomes Dominion to file their suit so "all the evidence can come out" according to the AP News article.



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