Why is a Minot Hardee's location going viral?

In the era of ridiculous things "going viral," a chain fast food restaurant in Minot gained a little notoriety this week. One of the Hardee's locations in Minot had a very minimalistic message written on its message sign outside of the restaurant. There is a picture floating around of the sign simply saying, "Burger."

Well, someone in charge of corporate Hardee's Facebook page decided it would be funny to share the image of the Minot Hardee's "Burger" message - and captioned the picture "#MotivationMonday." Thanks to that one little post, that particular Hardee's location has gone viral.

Why did the Hardee's sign only say "Burger"?

If you go directly to the post, you can read some hilarious comments about the "Burger" sign. Someone thanked Hardee's for the motivation on a Monday. Another person commented, "You had me at burger." Someone else commented that they would have some real motivation if Hardee's brought back the cinnamon raisin bun. And someone had the sense to think that maybe the sign was a result of being so short-staffed that a single person having to deal with the sign, cooking, and customers.

I had to find out the real reason why the sign only stated "Burger." I called the location in Minot and found out that the picture must have been snapped while the message was being created. But it seems like one-word signs are all that location needs to gain attention and popularity.

I wonder which word will go up next on the south Minot Hardee's sign?

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