While there aren't many events happening these days, iMagicon is still on in Minot. Which is great news for you, because Hot 97-5 is has your tickets to iMagicon. We will get you more details very soon. Get the Hot 97-5 APP for Apple or Android to be the first to know about winning tickets to iMagicon!

Before life went haywire this year, we had a bunch of fun events scheduled for 2020 in North Dakota. Thanks to the pandemic, a lot of those fun things have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely. But there is one North Dakota event that you can attend this year - next month, in fact.

Get ready to "geek out" because iMagicon is still on in Minot in August. The event for the entire family was originally scheduled in April, but then the pandemic happened. While many events in 2020 were completely cancelled for the year, the people of iMagicon decided to reschedule their event for later in the year.

iMagicon is a three day event, August 21 - 23, taking place at the Minot Municipal Auditorium and the Armory. There are different ticket options for the iMagicon experience and many events to attend while you're there. And, according to KFYR-TV, the cast of Star Trek will still be at the event.

There is also opportunity to volunteer at the event, which means you can also experience the event for free. You can get more information about that here.

Don't forget, Hot 97-5 has your tickets to iMagicon! Check back soon for more details!

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