Today the Townsquare Media Bis-Man team experienced the food truck creation's of MONDO Forcella! Andrea,Dalton,Kai and Pierce rolled in with arm loads of Margherita, Quatro Formaggio and Roman pizzas.They also carried in a large carton of sausage grinders. They clearly knew Radio people love good food.

MONDO Forcella business partner Andrea, food helper Kai and I loving the Roman pizza!

Imagine a homemade crust with a light sauce and a few savory, delicious toppings, where the cheese is made of goat milk, the garlic flavor compliments the crust, where each bite is a flavor explosion. This my friends is MONDO Forcella unique,authentic recipes,made simple and fresh. Watch our taste journey now.

You can experience MONDO Forcella by calling (701)390-4669,you can connect with them on Facebook,Yelp and Twitter. Find them weekdays 10am-1pm in downtown Bismarck and weeknight's at Main Bar and Liquor in Mandan.