Carson Wentz has already accrued a huge following throughout his young career. One North Dakota family even made the 1,500-mile trip to see him at Eagles training camp.

The Anderson family, from Jamestown, have been fans since Wentz's college days at North Dakota State. As WPVI-TV in Philadelphia reported, the family talked about how much of a role model Wentz has become for their children and grandchildren.

As you can see, the Anderson family was very emotional and are extremely passionate about the Eagles starting quarterback.

Wentz even took some time out of his busy practice schedule to have some fun with the kids who came to watch the team's practice.

Let's hope Wentz doesn't suffer any lingering effects from the big hit put on him in the video.

The Eagles' Saturday practice is canceled due to bad weather, but their next open practice for fans to view will take place Sunday at 10 a.m.

The Anderson family is certainly making the most out of their road trip to see their favorite player in action.

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