The Super Bowl is coming up, and everyone is stocking up on beer and snacks, getting out their jerseys and getting ready to root for their favorite team.

To be perfectly honest, I know very little about football, but I do know what people expect at big game parties. I put together a list of five things you should never do at a Super Bowl party... because manners matter.

1. Viking Losses

This is an important rule to follow. Many/most North Dakotans are Vikings fans. If you're not, that's cool, but don't poke the bear.

2. Commercials

For the love of God, do not talk during the commercials! Yes they are commercials, but they are the best commercials. They are the most creative and strange pieces of marketing and we want to watch them.

As a matter of fact, most of us only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. OK maybe not most but that’s what I do.


Even if the host tells you they are going to take care of everything, you still probably shouldn't show up empty handed.

Bring snacks, or at the very least, beer. Yes, most Super Bowl parties are stocked with these things, but it’s never good to assume, also, it’s not a bad idea to have back up beer. .

4. Attire

Do not arrive wearing team clothing that isn’t for any of the teams playing. It’s just weird. 

5. No Complaining

Don't complain about Taylor Swift on the screen, don't complain about how the dip you didn't make tastes, and don't throw a fit if your team loses. Let's play nice.

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