There is a new local non-profit, here to help kids with special needs transition to adulthood. Transitioning from childhood to adulthood is challenging, and the people at Keeping the Promise recognize that children with special needs and their families may need extra guidance on this type of huge transition. So, Keeping the Promise is launching an education series addressing transition to adulthood.

Keeping the Promise is a 501c3 in Bismarck, and their mission is "to support youth transition to adulthood for individuals with special needs and their families." According to a media release, the education series will be a 24-session series that will "featured local and stated experts who will address an array of topics that are critical to planning for life in the adult world." The sessions will be recorded and can be viewed at a time that works for the families. The series will cover a variety of topics including:

  • Guardianship
  • Moving from a pediatrician to adult physician
  • assistive technology options
  • environmental and sensory supports through transitions
  • Young adults and families will also share success stories.

Get more details about Keeping the Promise here.

According to Keeping the Promise's Facebook page, this new non-profit is the sister organization of Poppy's Promise. Poppy's Promise also works with kids and families by providing "creative learning opportunities while building social and life skills that will result in happiness throughout the lifespan." You can learn more about the work being done with Poppy's Promise and Keeping the Promise here.

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