There is a new spa in town -- in Mandan, North Dakota!

I was scrolling through Facebook and couldn’t help but notice the announcement. The place is called Therapy Retreat. You can find it at 2610 Old Red Trail in Mandan.

New In Mandan: Therapy Retreat

According to the business's website, Therapy Retreat offers all kinds of spa services like massages, red light therapy, saunas, cold plunges, emsculpt, physical therapy and more.

It doesn't take much convincing to get me on board with massages. I can't say I've tried red light therapy and some of their other services, but seeing this has definitely piqued my curiosity.

Mission & Opening Day

Their site says their services are geared to enhance the strength, resilience, and vitality of people in our community, who visit the spa.

Therapy Retreat actually opened today (Wednesday, June 19th); it's the business's grand opening.

According to their Facebook page, they are giving out gift bags to the first 50 people there. Based off the Facebook posts, it looks like the business is owned by a Mandan woman, Amber Lauf.

They’ve been posting updates on their Facebook page as they get the spa put together.


It's always great to see new businesses opening up by locals. We wish them the best!

Do you think that needed a place like this somewhere to go and relax and work on you? Have you tried any of these services they offer?  Will you be stopping by this new business? Let us know in the app!

Thanks for reading! TTFN.


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