North Dakota doesn't really have a lot of unique dessert shops, but Mandan just got one. Next time you're in the mood for an ice cream treat, you can check out the new Latidot (la-tee-dot) Scoop & Gift Shop in Mandan.

KFYR-TV is reporting about a new ice cream shop opening in town. Well, it's sort of re-opening. The news story says that Latidot Scoop & Gift Shop opened its doors prior to the pandemic closures, but closed down shortly after it hit. You can check out the locally owned ice cream shop and gift store at 104 1st Street Northeast, Mandan. Get more information on the new local Latidot Scoop & Gift Shop's opening here.

While looking for the scoop (pun intended) on the new Latidot Scoop & Gift Shop, I learned that the shop's owner, Dot Frank, actually won a chance to open her dream shop. She competed in the Mandan Business Pitch Challenge. Which I think is such a cool way to help people realize their dreams and make those dreams come true.

According to the Mandan Business Pitch Challenge information page on, there are many Mandan organizations that team on to help entrepreneurs start their businesses. And there are great prizes for those who compete. In the 2019 competition, grand prize awards included a $10,000 forgivable loan, radio advertisement (with Townsquare Media), business startup packages, cash prizes, and more. Read more about the Mandan Business Pitch Challenge here.

If you had the opportunity to start your own business in Bismarck-Mandan, what would you do?

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