New businesses are popping up left and right in Bismarck-Mandan. Here's another one to keep on your radar.

I hate to bring up a sore subject, but summer is coming to an end. I'm sure you got some good use and fun memories out on the boat with your friends and family. Fishing off the boat, hanging out on the sandbars, sunbathing and swimming in the cool river water... un times.

Fall is quickly approaching; before it's time to take the boats out of the water, you might want to consider calling this business to tidy things up.


Welcome Boats 'N Hoses Marine Detailing to the Bismarck-Mandan area! I'm sure you can appreciate the Stepbrothers movie reference here.


The business announced on its Facebook page that it is now open for business.

What Do They Do?

According to the Boats 'N Hoses Facebook page, they remove garbage from your boat, vacuum the deck and carpet, wipe down the front window, clear cupholders, wipe down seats, wipe down upper exterior hull, vacuum storage compartments, etc.

That's just some of what they do, but you get the idea. They clean your boat so it's pretty and pristine for next season.

How To Get In Touch

If you are interested in getting your boat detailed, the business lists a phone number to call and set up an appointment. (701) 319-2165.

Enjoy what we have left of the summer, get out on the river and make the most of it!

Thanks for reading. TTFN.

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