Some days are better than others, but did you know there is one day in North Dakota that is considered the worst day of the year?



It's true there's a day we collectively decided is the absolute worst. As a matter of fact, there's a whole Wiki page on the matter.

The source did a survey, asking 3,000 people across the United States; it asked the participants which day they felt was the worst based on things like rainfall totals/moisture.

North Dakota's Worst Day Of The Year

So, when is North Dakota's worst day?

According to the study, the worst day is about 6 months away. January 2nd will be a doozy. Over the years, on this day, the average temperature is 5 degrees Fahrenheit.


The source put together a map, so you can see what are the worst days in every state. Check it out:

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Why January 2nd?

Yes, this is largely based on moisture and rainfall totals, but it was also an opinion survey. This is the day people expect to be the most miserable; that doesn't necessarily mean this day will have the worst weather out of the calendar year.

So, why might we feel that way about this date?

Keep in mind, it is the day after the 1st, so we're also extra hungover and grouchy after our New Year celebrations. The holidays are behind us, presents are all opened, and it's pretty darn cold.

This is not only a bitter cold day, but also one for peak stressy and depressy moods.


Do you agree? Is there a date you feel might be worse?


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