A new nightclub is opening up in an old familiar location.  According to a phone interview with Jake Miller, he has leased the old Burnt Creek Club building at 1205 N. Star Drive which is located right off highway 83 before 1807.  This location is just of North of the Bismarck city limits.  The new nightclub will be called "Crossroads Tavern" and should be open on August 1st.

The new club owner has been busy renovating the existing building with new walls, floors, ceilings and table.  The nightclub will have a "country" feel to it, but will cater to wide spectrum of customers.  Mr. Miller said the Crossroads Tavern will have live bands when they're able to do so, and will feature different genres of music from rock, country and more.

The nightclub will also feature a "giant" dance floor, pool tables, inside "corn hole", darts, foosball, full gaming site, and they hope to have sand volleyball courts outside the bar by next spring.

The Crossroads Tavern will also be looking for employees.  Namely, bartenders and waitress.  The bar hopes to add cooks and food in the near future.

This bar is very unique for a couple of reasons.  A GIANT dance floor, which will be fun when social distancing guidelines are relaxed.  Also, it's really the only nightclub/bar in North Bismarck.  Something else that interests me.  The Crossroads Tavern club might be able to stay open until 2am?  Since it's not technically in the city limits.  The owner is working with the proper authorities to get clarification on this.

Set get it on your calendar, August 1st and Bismarck's newest nightclub is set to open.  Is it "Beer 30 yet?"


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